About Franchise Group

Franchise Group Nordic is the leading consultancy firm in the Nordic countries which is entirely focused on the franchise sectors. Formed in 1996, Franchise Group Nordic has accumulated an unrivalled experience in advising firms in all areas of franchise systems in the Swedish and Nordic marketplaces, such as development of tailor-made franchise business models, recruitment of franchisees, valuation and exits, retail property search, manuals as well as international franchise operations.


Our consultants, who are a mix of old and young, have backgrounds ranging from executive positions in retail and restaurant sectors to experts in the property and recruitment sectors, which is combined with a solid understanding and knowledge of franchise. All in all, Franchise Group Nordic has a total staff of close to 20 people, located in two offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.



Adapting your brand for the Swedish market

The principles of franchise operations are of course similar in all countries but nevertheless, a franchisor can meet some new or unforeseen business conditions when seeking to establish business in a new market. This is an area where we provide assistance to international franchisors. Our services include franchise manuals, be it adapting or translating existing contents, or information disclosure documents that conform to the specific Swedish franchise disclosure legal requirements. 

Finding property and negotiate leases

We have our own property expert consultant to help you finding and acquiring the right business premises for your franchise concept.

Please contact us at info@franchisegroup.se or +46 8 464 75 00

Recruitment of Franchisees, Area Developers and Masters

Franchise Group Nordic also operates Franchise Finder, the largest portal for franchise search and recruitment in the Nordic markets. www.franchisefinder.se

Please contact our recruitment expert:

Fredrik Perman
fredrik.perman@franchisegroup.se +46 76 101 72 82